Build 4

Pretty chunky update actually.

1 New character class, the Savage! This guy has 2 big eff you hammers with huge knockback and damage, as well as a skill that makes him rush forward, knocking everybody out of the way, and a cool as hell spin2win skill that just decimates the demons. He's also got a ton of health to boot!

1 New  character class, the Unstable clown! To be fair he's already existed on previous versions but back then the game didn't actually have a class system so i'll include him, sue me! He's essentially a back-stab crazed clown who is very agile but dies if a demon looks at him weird. Very high potential for damage, but very risky.

What's left so far to make this a nice, solid and polished package is to remove the placeholder art the game still has as well as add more music and sound effects, specially to the boss! 

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