Build 2

A lot of changes since friday, mostly improving the feel and look of combat as well as introducing new mechanics such as the active weapon skills and UI work.


  • Nerfed Dark Mage.
  • Increased player stamina from 30 to 40. It felt like the player had to wait too much for stamina to recover.
  • Increased the backstab angle from 10% to 25%. I found that backstabs seemed very inconsistent and too hard to pull off.
  • Decreased the hitbox size of traps, they hit the player even though it looked like they shouldn't.


  • Added directional sprites to the enemies so the player will have an easier time knowing where they are looking at.
  • Dodging now forces you to move in the direction you were moving at when you activated the skill, instead of simply giving you a speed boost.
  • Increased the chain window for all dagger attacks. They were simply too restrictive before and often you wouldn't chain even though you meant to. 
  • Added the stealth mechanic which the dagger provides, now enemies will look around for you if they were aggressive but lost sight of you.
  • Added new resource (mana) which will serve as the resource used when using active skills such as Stealth.
  • Added new active skill (Stealth).
  • Added new item (Mana Flask), which will work much like the Estus Flask but will replenish your mana instead.


  • Added UI elements to show and describe the currently available active skills.
  • Added UI element to show what key to press in order to use the currently equipped item.


  • Implemented Save file verification, so that your files will be automatically deleted when playing a newer build.


Almas build - January 21st, 2018 25 MB
Jan 22, 2018

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